Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A New Term: Kenya Part 2

     After a long hiatus from the blog and 2 years in America, we returned to Kenya.  When we arrived at the airport, Patrick Kawe and his family stood behind the barriers as we exited the basement of the airport also known as the baggage claim/customs area.  Patrick is the National Commander for Royal Rangers in Kenya.  He is also the Men's Fellowship Director for the Kenya Assemblies of God.  But, to us, he is much more than that, he is our family in Kenya.  His three boys stood with homemade signs welcoming each one of us.  For the next 20 minutes, our families took turns greeting one another and hugging and giving handshakes.
The Welcome to Kenya Signs
     The feeling of saying goodbye to family members in America is heartbreaking.  Despite knowing that God sent us here to work in a ministry that has a goal to bring children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to equip adults to reach those children, it does not lessen the human heartache for us to say goodbye to two 90 year old grandmothers, a mom and dad, a brother and friends who are like family.
     The love that poured out from people in America while we were on furlough was overwhelming. We were spoiled rotten by people who jumped anytime we were in need.   God opened doors to churches and people's hearts.
     We rented a house on a 120 acre farm.  The farm was not a stranger to me since it was a farm where my husband worked as a young adult and he brought me for a visit on one of our first dates.  The peace and tranquility wrapped around me every time I stepped out the door.  No house was visible even when the leaves fell off the trees.  An unpainted wooden swing sat on the edge of the simple porch.  God blessed us with a treasure that we never imagined possible.  It was simple and perfect.
     So, now that we are back to life in Kenya I plan to resume the life of a blogger.