Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jumping In

     I am in new territory.  I joined the blogging community.  I loathe journaling so this should be fun.  However, since I am living a life in a foreign country and every day seems like an adventure of some sorts, I want to capture a few shots of my time adapting.  Right now my husband is on an adventure that I guarantee will produce all sorts of interesting blogging material.  Over the past 4 days (when he had cell phone reception)  I have received calls from my hubby and listened to brief descriptions of tribes in Northern Kenya that are remote.  The stories give me flashbacks to when I was in elementary school and sat on the front row in church and heard missionaries speak of reaching  people that have never heard "the good news" of the Gospel.   I can not wait to share some of his journey with you. 
     I want to warn you though that one of the many reasons that I have not blogged up until now was because I knew that I would not take the time to correct my punctuation or grammar mistakes.  I teach my kids at home and although we are deep into diagramming sentences I know that I will fail in making sure I do not have a run-on sentence or forget to add a comma or add too many commas.  I was an English major in college but the many years that have passed since I held the diploma in my hand and the foreign languages learned; like German and Macedonian, have blurred my memory of all the rules.  (I think that last sentence should contain a colon.  See, I told you!)  So, I will throw caution to the wind and put my stories and pictures of our grand Kenya adventure out for the world to read.  

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  1. thank you for sharing your adventures. it is great to ride along with you (virtually) to places that some of us may never see otherwise. also, thank you for being obedient to the calling that God has placed on your life. how refreshing it is to see someone walking out the great commission....taking the message of Jesus to all the world. i am reading a book titled, radical by david platt. it challenges believers to forgo the american dream of having more and being popular to living a simple life, but being known for the Christ we represent. the more i read this book, the more i think of you. you are living a radical life!!!
    btw, i also blog and i care nothing about punctuation or grammar :)